How We Do It

Our clients come first and play an integral role in the development of their landscape design. We believe the best design is done over a dinner table rather than a drafting table. We have created a three phrase program to make your dreams a reality.


Landscape Design Rendering

Schematic Design: Incorporates both Dream and Design

  • 1st Meeting-  Our designer will draw with you in real time (typically with a glass of wine) to get all your collective thoughts on paper. You are part of the decision of where items go, how big they should be, and how they might look.
  • 2nd Meeting- We review the developed sketches and include preliminary budgets for each item. We find including estimated costs helps to better understand how to allocate resources to better fit your lifestyle.
  • 3rd Meeting- We review developed drawings and revised budgets to ensure the two are aligned and plot out the nest steps…


Design Development: During this phase we determine materials, set elevations, and prepare drawings to submit to the city

  • Fuel Modification Plans– We are experts at working with the Fire Department and know their requirements to quickly and efficiently get through the otherwise challenging landscape requirements for the Fuel Modification process.
  • WUCOLS– We have also completed dozens of water conservation plans for the city of Los Angeles and municipalities throughout Southern Califorinia. With the on-going drought, having a landscape team familiar with water conservation  and drought tolerant landscaping is vital to moving your project forward.


On-Site Supervision:  An important part of what makes the (W)orkshop different is our commitment to you throughout your project.  Especially as it begins to Develop.

  • Our trained staff are on-site for all key decisions from layout of hardscape to the selection and placement of plant life.
  • We can administer weekly design meetings to review progress, important decision, change orders and budget related questions.